28.10.2014 11:36

Vienna: Muse, Kiss and Avant-garde

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The world’s largest Bruegel collection and the prettiest kiss immortalized by Jugendstil genius Gustav Klimt in his world famous painting can only be found in Vienna. The cultural capital is also a place where you can discover a rich diversity of styles and eras. Baroque opulence and cool avant-garde coexist in an exciting creative environment. Pieces by talented young designers now hang in the ornate staterooms and are just as impressive as the old masters found in Vienna’s modern museums.

The Albertina, a venerable palace, houses one of the most important art collections in the world. “Major” exhibitions take place here, and the museum’s own collection is spectacular, with names such as Matisse, Renoir and Miro. The Museum of Fine Art on the Ringstrasse is devoted to Old Masters. Art treasures from all the key eras are on display here, in particular examples from the Renaissance and Baroque periods by Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt and Raphael. The museum also holds the world’s largest collection of works by Bruegel. Some visitors even return to Vienna just to relive the experience of being a guest at Bruegel’s Peasant Wedding.

The picturesque Belvedere Palace is home to the biggest collection of Klimts in the world, including The Kiss. The Secession Building, which was used as an exhibition space by Klimt‘s secessionist group of artists, awaits with its ornate gold leaf dome at Karlsplatz.

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