20.08.2012 Senzační otevírací nabídka

Přenocuj u nás 4 nocí ale zaplať JEN za 3!!![více]

20.08.2012 Filmový festival před vídeňskou radnicí 30.6.-2.9.2012

Každé léto se před Vídeňskou radnicí uskutečnuje filmový festival, který je ideálním místem pro setkání s přátely. Neplatí se zde žádné vstupné a příjemnou atmosféru letního večera doplňují gastronomické stánky. [více]

24.10.2014 Wi-Fi in the Bar

Für unsere Gäste tun wir sehr viel. Es war uns deshalb ein Anliegen, auch den Barbesuchern die Möglichkeit zu bieten, mobil und online zu bleiben. Somit haben alle unsere Bar-Gäste ab sofort die Möglichkeit auch unten in der Bar...[více]

24.10.2014 Cashless payments at the a&t Holiday Hostel Vienna

It is a pleasure to announce, that it is possible to pay also by credit card and debit card at the a&t Holiday Hostel Vienna from now on. This is a further step to more comfortableness for our guests.[více]

03.11.2014 [Translate to Tschechisch:] Draußen in Wien

[Translate to Tschechisch:] Im Sommer locken in Wien mehr als 50 Kilometer Strände. Nicht nur an der Donauinsel und der Alten Donau, sondern auch mitten in Wien – am Donaukanal, wo trendige Strandbars an urbanen Stränden tolle...[více]

28.10.2014 Vienna – Enjoy Quality of Life

Life is good in Vienna. What the Viennese have always known is now official — for the third time in a row the 2011 Mercer study ranked Vienna first in a survey of the best places to live. Why? The city has more green space than...[více]

28.10.2014 Vienna: Mozart, Strauß & DJ-Sound

Every night in Vienna around 10,000 music fans are treated to live classical music, something that is simply unheard of in any other city in the world. Each year the Vienna concert schedule includes more than 15,000 events of...[více]

28.10.2014 Vienna: Muse, Kiss and Avant-garde

The world’s largest Bruegel collection and the prettiest kiss immortalized by Jugendstil genius Gustav Klimt in his world famous painting can only be found in Vienna. The cultural capital is also a place where you can discover a...[více]

28.10.2014 Viennese taste: Enjoying food and drink to the fullest

Viennese cuisine is the only type of cooking in the world that is named after a city. Vienna is also the only metropolis in the world that grows enough wine within city limits to be worth mentioning. The Viennese coffee house is...[více]

28.10.2014 Imperial Vienna — Timeless Elegance

A stroll around Vienna can be like a journey back in time to the days of the empire — it comes as no surprise that the historic city center is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Vienna boasts 27 palaces and more than 150...[více]

28.10.2014 Vienna In Three-Four Time

There are over 2,000 hours of dancing to be enjoyed in Vienna during the ball season in January and February. The city of Johann “Schani” Strauss hosts about 450 balls each year. Bon vivants have plenty of opportunity to explore...[více]

27.11.2014 [Translate to Tschechisch:] Wien blüht auf

[Translate to Tschechisch:] In Wien lässt sich der Frühling intensiver erleben als in anderen Großstädten: Mehr als die Hälfte des Stadtgebietes sind Grünflächen. Und die Wiener verstehen, deren einmalige Möglichkeiten zu...[více]

28.10.2014 Vienna 2015: 150 years of the Ringstraße

Vienna's Ringstrasse is the most beautiful boulevard in the world. Nowhere else can  you find such a dense concentration of so many representative buildings, palaces  and parks. In 2015, the Ringstrasse is celebrating...[více]

27.11.2014 [Translate to Tschechisch:] 150 years of the Ringstrasse

[Translate to Tschechisch:] Vienna's Ringstrasse is the most beautiful boulevard in the world. Nowhere else can  you find such a dense concentration of so many representative buildings, palaces  and parks. In 2015,...[více]