21.11.2014 [Translate to Chinesisch:] Winterbeginn

[Translate to Chinesisch:] Im Gegensatz zum Herbst, der uns gönnerhaft noch eine sonnige Tage schenkte, zeigt uns der November mehr und mehr die kalte Schulter. T-Shirts weichen Mänteln und Hauben, statt den Sandalen ist nun...[more]

28.10.2014 Vienna in Bloom

Spring is a much more intense experience in Vienna than in other big cities as more than half of the municipal area is made up of green spaces. The Viennese certainly know how to make the most of it, and it has a special place in...[more]

28.10.2014 Vienna in Three-Four Time

There are over 2,000 hours of dancing to be enjoyed in Vienna during the ball season in January and February. The city of Johann “Schani” Strauss hosts about 450 balls each year. Bon vivants have plenty of opportunity to explore...[more]

28.10.2014 Imperial Vienna - Timeless Elegance

A stroll around Vienna can be like a journey back in time to the days of the empire — it comes as no surprise that the historic city center is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Vienna boasts 27 palaces and more than 150...[more]

28.10.2014 Vienna: Muse, Kiss & Avant-garde

The world’s largest Bruegel collection and the prettiest kiss immortalized by Jugendstil genius Gustav Klimt in his world famous painting can only be found in Vienna. The cultural capital is also a place where you can discover a...[more]